Women in Tech is a global media platform on a mission to close the gender gap and to help women enter technology-related careers. We promote women's empowerment around the world, fostering self-confidence, leadership skills, and helping women in their careers.

We have received numerous requests from people who are looking for Inspiration, Motivation, or general advice when it comes to being a female in Tech. We've also had lots of submissions from women who want to share their story about working in the industry.

We are striving to show our support for women around the world, and we aim to motivate women everywhere who feel like they don't belong, who feel unappreciated or unfulfilled at work, or those who simply want to inspire others.

The most inspiring stories will be brought into Women in Tech, so please continue to submit your stories through our Contact Page. We can't wait to hear about how Women are changing the world of Technology.

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