Despite progress in other areas, gender inequality in the technology sector has worsened during the pandemic.

There are numerous issues that must be addressed if women are to achieve greater equality in technology, including gaps in STEM degrees, pay disparity, and workplace culture concerns.

This section features articles that provide a look at the current conditions and key trends, as well as some of the difficulties and triumphs faced by women in tech.

Women in technology statistics and trends

What are some of the most pressing concerns women in tech face?

Gaps in STEM education

Opportunities in technology begin with education, and there is a significant gender gap among science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) college degrees. Women's participation in science and engineering at the undergraduate level is influenced by the field of study.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2015 women earned more than half of all bachelor's degrees in life sciences, but far less of computer science (18 percent), engineering (20%), physical science (39 percent), and mathematics (43%). 

According to a study at Cornell University, gender differences in high school students' career aspirations, as seen at age 30, have a significant influence on STEM degrees attained later in life. Among high school senior males, 26% planned to pursue STEM jobs, whereas only 13% of female students had the same goal. A further 15% of female students aspired to a non-STEM job, compared with only 4% of males.

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