Without women, the technology industry would be a very pale place. In fact, it’s hard to imagine where we would be without the contributions of women to the field. Women have been instrumental in the development of many important technologies, and they continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

Women in Tech – The Numbers

According to a recent report from the National Center for Women & Information Technology, women currently hold only 26 percent of all computing jobs in the United States. This number has been steadily increasing over the past few years, but it still doesn’t reflect the proportion of women in the general population. In fact, women make up only about a fifth of the total workforce in the tech industry. To put emphasis on why these numbers should increase, we've listed a few among many reasons why women belong to the tech field.

Improved Products and Services

With women increasingly utilizing technology, their involvement in the creation and development of tech products and services will assist to ensure that technology is relevant for women as consumers.

Additionally, women are more empathic, attentive, and attuned to the needs of others than their male counterparts, which allows them to receive criticism and implement adjustments in a far more delicate yet firm manner. These qualities are definitely essential to improving products and services.

A More Diverse Workforce

It has been proven that diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth. Increased innovation among your workforce will result from greater diversity in the workplace. Enhanced variety in leadership positions will undoubtedly result in a more welcoming atmosphere.

Economic Growth

According to another study, the severe shortage of workers in the ICT workforce in low- and middle-income countries, is a major impediment to innovation and growth in the global economy. Women could fill the gap, but they are still underrepresented in the ICT workforce, particularly at senior and managerial levels. Women's access to jobs in this field would benefit them, their families, and their communities by promoting equal opportunities for everyone. 


As you can see, the importance of women in technology cannot be understated. We need more women in tech to help close the gender gap, promote diversity, and drive innovation. If you wish to support our mission: empower women in tech, apply to our ambassador program here: https://www.womentech.net/women-tech-conference/global-ambassadors