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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why More Women in Technology is a Good Thing

    There have been a lot of talks lately about the need for more women in technology. And while there are some people who argue that this is not necessary, I believe that having more women in tech is a good thing. The technology sector is one of the most important and influential industries in the world, and it is crucial that women have a strong presence within it. Women in technology bring a different perspective and set of skills to the table, and they are essential for creating balance and driving innovation. The Importance of Women in Technology The technology sector is one of the most…
  • SHEleader@digital

    We nurture the feminine print in the world of technology and innovation. SHEleader@digital is an annual international conference taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria that provides a platform for focused discussion on the women’s role in the digitally connected world in transformation we are living in. It aims to outline solutions for attracting more women and girls to take on professional and leadership roles in the ICT and digitally empowered economy. The Conference also examines how women’s authenticity and the application of female values contributes to the development of sustainable and…
  • RockIT Women 5th Annual Women in Technology Conference

    When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen. That's what the Women in Technology conference is all about. The conference brings together women at every level in every technology field to connect, educate, and inspire.  From the classroom to the boardroom, women converge for one day to help bridge the gender gap and also recognize, honor and promote women who are making significant contributions to STEAM in our community and beyond. Not in technology or not a female- that's okay - all are welcome and there is something for everyone to walk away empowered and inspired!
  • Feminno

    One-of-a-kind festivity of appreciating, showcasing and empowering women in business, science and technology The first and biggest women in tech conference in the region Engaging targeted international audience interested in innovation and diversity\ Featuring Armenia as a new innovative hub for powerful female talent and leadership
  • WITness Success

    Empower, support and invest in Salesforce Women in Tech user group members & leaders with a 2 day event. Attendees will learn, network, grow & ultimately excel in their Salesforce careers, be role models and mentor others. Event ends at 5pm CT on July 23rd.
  • WeAreTechWomen - One Tech World Conference 2022

    Across the year WeAreTechWomen work with 24,000+ women in their tech community to identify key innovations and topics to cover, giving the community what it really wants. Offering innovative sessions on a variety of different areas of tech, with a side order of career development, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from over 160 speakers in 120 sessions.  In the spirit of passing on the baton, for every ticket bought WeAreTechWomen will gift a ticket to an individual out of work, a returner to the industry, not-for-profit, or a youngster studying for a tech career. It’s a win-win. 
  • 7th Annual VU Women in Tech Conference

    Sharing experiences & highlighting opportunities for #WomeninTechnology at Villanova University. Leading, inspiring & innovating with tech.
  • Women in Cyber Security 22

    WiCyS 2022 is the go-to event to help you get where you want to be. We help organizations recruit, retain and advance women in cybersecurity — all while creating a community of engagement, encouragement and support at a technical conference.
  • The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit

    This year The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit goes hybrid with two days both on and offline full of ideas, knowledge, and networking. Aimed at both students and specialists, leaders and startupers, allies and activists, last year’s edition brought together over 8,300 participants from 103 countries.  Expect talks on the metaverse, deep tech, 5G, digital ecology, space technologies 4.0, sustainable leadership, cybersecurity, and fintech (and that’s barely scratching the surface).
  • WITI's 28th Annual Women in Technology Summit: Saving our Planet through Digital Transformation

    Forward-thinking women understand that climate change is an urgent challenge, a generational responsibility … AND a professional opportunity. The good news is that we women in technology are the world’s best bet in the fight for a clean, healthy, and sustainable planet.